• Vegan Jewellery

    Vegan Jewellery

    I am a very proud vegan and I wanted to encorporate this into my jewellery. I found that in the UK there was a lack of vegan jewellery and vegan advocacy jewellery so I decided I would make some. I started my journey into perfecting my range of vegan jewellery nearly 3 years ago now. Having a piece of vegan advocacy jewellery is a great way to spread the vegan message wherever you are - especially places where you are not able to wear a vegan t-shirt for example.

    To make my range I learned the fun / expensive / sometimes infuriating art of metal stamping. It took a while to master the skill of the process. If you do not know what metal stamping is, it is where you hammer each individual letter into metal by hand. There is also a great range of picture or design stamps. Alphabet stamp sets can cost anywhere from £10 for a basic set, right up to a few hundred pounds for a pro set. It is a difficult art to learn and get right and takes hours and hours of practice and a lot of spare cash but it is very fun and the posibilities are endless. Because of the diversity of the jewellery I can produce I can take custom orders and make people items just for them, that they have designed. that's a great feeling!!!

    Here are some examples of my favourite and most popular designs.

  • Welcome to my new blog!

    Hello and welcome to my new blog!

    Here I will be sharing everything from when I am working on currently to vegan inspiration and anything else that takes my fancy really.

    Just to introduce myself, I am a self-taught jewellery maker and metalsmith in North Yorkshire, UK. I am a proud vegan and I started making jewellery as a way to make some extra money to donate to vegan charities. I fell in love with jewellery making and I have improved my skills and learned completely new techniques over the past 3 years and I can now proudly offer handstamped pieces which can be personalised, custom fine silver pieces and sterling silver and gemstone items.

    I donate 5% of my revenue to vegan charities and I change charities every 6 months. I have donated to C-A-L-F, Save the Death Camp Dogs and New Hope Animal Rescue in the past. At the moment I am donating to Poppy's Place.

    My items can be purchased from